Monday, January 6, 2014

What's new this year?

Well 2014 is nothing special for me

Just a new day pass by like a car without break

But is all good

Everyone is sharing what they have acheived last year

So I gon share mine too

No girlfriend
I'm single as well
If you like me or wanna make friend
You're please to add my Facebook...
Follow me at tweeter,Instagram and WeChat as well

I changed my car
From a Lil red Kancil (Ps : Ignore my face...It's 8 in the morning)

And I get myself a birthday gift
Iphone 5s Gold

New family member Nino

Here's the final one
My weight is around 73kg last year in 2013
Now I'm 66kg
Still a good achievement for me
Good stuff

Thats all for today aite

Gon dating with hawt lady in my dream

Goodnight world =)

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